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Eagle Quest Pro - Internet Based, a better way - Now using MySQL

EagleQuestPro is the complete (New Scouts through Ventures) scouting advancement program.

  • EagleQuestPro is HTTPS (secure web site) if you click on the safe at the left and then log in. This is good when using unprotected networks, e.g., while at an airport.
  • This site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher.
  • Advancement program, Internet version - $16 for a whole year (plus tax).
  • Never have to install version upgrades.
  • Compatible with all operating systems that log into the Internet.
  • Troop and Stake Accounts available with different scope and access.

Purchase by check (see Contact Us button on left) or through the secure PayPal site. To purchase OnLine, click the Purchase button at left and use the convenient shopping cart.

Sample of Generated Reports that can be selected and filtered many ways:

  • Detailed Status Letter and Report
  • Shopping List for Court of Honor
  • Scout Committee
  • Merit Badge Counselors
  • Tracks Leader training
  • Auto Emails progress to Leaders/Parents
  • Tracks Friends of Scouting
  • Free non-editable login for Youth/Parents
  • Vehicle Planning
  • Those who Have/Need awards
  • Touring Permit
  • The Eagle Checker
  • Tracks Camping info
  • Order of the Arrow
  • Links to BSA site for important forms
  • Link to all merit badge requirements

Disclaimer Eagle Quest is not an official Boy Scout endorsed program, but is meant to assist leaders in making their work more productive and exciting since 1979.